Community Resources

The Core Values of Black Noize all point back towards fostering, nurturing, and empowering our communities. This section of our website focuses on encouraging growth, development, and unity. Below are all of our in-house projects for you to immediately find info about what’s going on locally and tools for self improvement.


Muva Nature’s Secretsmuvakia – Muva Nature’s Secrets is a space where ancient and often hidden knowledge can be shared for the purpose of healing our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I refer to the Earth as Muva Nature because from her, we all come. I hope that by reuniting you with Muva Nature and universal laws, you’ll discover your power within.




Community Announcements – Here you’ll find our events calendar, keeping you up to date on ways to stay active in the fight for justice, network with other like community focused leaders at workshops and panels, as well as places hosting events where you can unwind and relax .