Black Noize Media Group utilizes media and entertainment to serve as a nexus for Hip-Hop culture, community engagement, & activism among youth and young adults.

CORE Values:
Evolve our cultural narrative
Preserve our heritage
Establish our goodwill efforts
Spread education
Create & share opportunities to optimize Black purchasing power
Directly engage with our community
Build collective power & influence throughout the Diaspora

There is a lack of major black-owned media outlets, which makes it difficult to have an accurate representation of the black community. Mainstream media outlets use the black image to elevate their corporate agendas without necessarily having the best interest of black people in mind. We chose to focus on the media because it is a powerful institution with the ability to shape society’s perspectives. Without consistent first-hand interactions between people of different cultures, the media is the most impactful representation of underserved groups. The negative portrayal of blacks in the media perpetuates inaccurate stereotypes on a systematic level nationally.

In the early 1980’s, black youth used hip-hop culture to uplift the black community despite dire circumstances. Although, hip-hop culture is admired internationally, the uplifting messaging of its past is virtually non-existent today.

The original expressions of hip-hop are graffiti, DJing, MCing, and break dancing. These elements offered a counter perspective to the toxic narrative of mainstream media. Black Noize Media reimagines the contemporary elements of hip-hop culture as: creativity, community, holistic wellness, and the pursuit of knowledge. Black Noize Radio combines these four values by informing the community of current events, integrating independent music into the show, interviewing independent artists, and promoting self-awareness as well as research.

Our initiatives foster autonomy by taking control of the black narrative, providing entrepreneurial skills, promoting holistic lifestyles, and boosting black economic power. On a macro level, self-determination is key to building collective efficacy. Collective efficacy is a combination of social cohesion among neighbors and their willingness to be involved to achieve a common good. This powerful level of unity can be utilized to overcome any social justice issue.

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